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Yorkshire Cat Club, 14th Nov 2015

IGRCC – GRCH Shunra Fawntasia (1 present)
A very pretty Oriental Fawn girl of very good type, she has a large, very slightly pinched wedge head, lovely top and large well set ears, almost straight profile, strong chin and untidy bite, expressive bright green eyes that are of oriental shape and set, long firm body, long legs and oval paws, long tapering tail. Short, virtually sound, good fawn coat. A sweet girl, well presented in excellent condition.

BOB – GR CH Shunra Fawntasia

AV Oriental CH, GRCH or IGRCH – Mrs J Starr
1 – GRCH Shunra Fawntasia (1 present)

AV Oriental Self – Mrs L Walpole
2 – GRCH Shunra Fawntasia (3 present)

TPOSCC Club Class – AC Oriental or Siamese Adult – Mrs N Farnworth
1 – GRCH Shunra Fawntasia (2 present)

Cumberland Cat Club, 10th Oct 2015

Res IGRCC – GRCH Shunra Fawntasia (2 present)
A well balanced smaller queen, a very different cat from my winner, rather shy, she looked better once relaxed back in her pen. She had a neat feminine wedge with very good top of head. Profile with small rise between eyes, level bite, deep perpendicular chin. Gorgeous oriental eyes of seldom seen really vivid green. Large open based very well set ears. Long well nourished body, slender limbs with tapering tail of balanced length. Short fine coat of soft rosy mushroom, just a touch unsound at roots. Excellent condition and presentation.

BOB – GRCH Shunra Fawntasia (1 present)

AV Oriental/Siamese/Balinese Self Adult – Mrs S Bullock
2 – GRCH Shunra Fawntasia (2 present)

AV SH Adult Female Over 2 Years – Mrs J Jones
x2 – GRCH Shunra Fawntasia (5 present)

Charity Class – AV Oriental – Dr B Bennett
2 – GR CH Shunra Fawntasia
Splendid Oriental Fawn lady with delicious eyes and a lovely coat.

Cumberland Cat Club, 11th Oct 2014

GCC – CH Shunra Fawntasia (1 present)
Of excellent Oriental type, condition & temperament – head shows a strong even wedge, large wide at base of well placed ears.  Straight in profile, chin firm, eyes oriental in setting & of green colour, slender neckline, body svelte & muscular – coat short & glossy & of desired fawn colour – tail tapers, in super condition.

BOB – CH Shunra Fawntasia
An attractive and stylish girl. Well balanced medium length wedge with good top and large ears set to follow. Almost straight profile, deep strong chin, bite marginally scissored under, slight pinch to muzzle. Long weighty body with long slender limbs and neat oval paws, tail a bit short for balance and has a small “pip” at the tip. Lovely rosy fawn coat colour, even and clear of ghosting, just a touch unsound right at he roots, short and fairly close-laying but rather soft and fine in texture rather than sleek. Excellent to handle and excellently presented.

AV Breeders Adult, Mrs S Tokens
2 – CH Shunra Fawntasia (2 present)

AV Junior Adult, Mrs S Bullock
2 – CH Shunra Fawntasia (2 present)

Scotia Cat Fanciers, 20th Sep 2014

Best Adult – CH Shunra Fawntasia

GCC – CH Shunra Fawntasia (2 present)
Oriental Fawn lady with a lovely broad top to her lengthy triangular wedge that shows just a tiny pinch, widely spaced ears flaring becomingly in line, oriental, almond shaped inclined eyes of light green. Smoothly arching profile, chin curves gently, incisor pegs meet. Lengthy strong body, matching limbs, neat paws, tail might be just a little longer for preference. Coat marginally long, lying close, mushroom shade rendered a little yellowish in the Hall’s light.

ORIENTAL FAWN Adult – Mrs S Hamilton
BoB – CH Shunra Fawntasia (1 present)
A very attractive girl for colour being of a pale and even fawn colour. Coat is sleek, short and close lying. Texture is excellent. Medium length to well balanced head with firm chin and a level bite. Well set and proportioned ears. Good straight profile. Very good eyes for shape, colour, setting and expression Firm and long, well, balanced body with corresponding limbs and tapering tail. Very good temperament and condition. Excellent preparation and presentation

Oriental Breeder’s Adult – Mrs S Hamilton
1st – CH Shunra Fawntasia (2 present)

AV Adolescent Oriental, Mrs S Hamilton
1st – CH Shunra Fawntasia (1 present)

AV Adult with one or more CCs, Mrs S Hamilton
1st – CH Shunra Fawntasia (1 present)

Edinburgh & East of Scotland Cat Club – 19th Jul 2014

GCC – CH Shunra Fawntasia (2 present)
Stylish young girl. Well grown for age. Good head shape with an even medium length wedge, good profile line and chin depth, bite level. Well shaped oriental eyes, slanted in setting. Good clear green eye colouring. Short fine textured coat, lovely mushroom tones, just a little paler at the roots. Elegant body shape, proportionate slender limbs and tapering tail.

BOB – CH Shunra Fawntasia (1 present)

Oriental Adult – Ms J Allen
1st – CH Shunra Fawntasia (2 present)

Radius Adult – Dr B Bennett
1st – CH Shunra Fawntasia (2 present)
Lady with a very
attractively balanced head, ears of becoming size and set, green orientally shaped and inclined eyes. Gentle profile arch, chin and bite level. Body slightly chubby, good limbs, tail needs a little length for balance. Gorgeous warm mushroomy coat, just a hint of ghost tabby markings.

AV Titled Adult – Mrs L Walpole
2nd – CH Shunra Fawntasia (2 present)

Siamese Cat Society of Scotland – 10th May 2014

1st, CC & Bob – Shunra Fawntasia (1 present)
She had a lovely long, svelte body; tail could be a smidgin longer for perfect balance. Lovely coat texture with warm, rosy, mushroom colour but a few marks detracted, however it was fine and close lying. Her eye colour was good with lovely oriental shape and good placement. A nice strong chin but wedge suffered slightly by not being perfectly straight.

Oriental Breeder’s Adult – Mr H Meekings
2nd – Shunra Fawntasia (3 present)

Oriental Limit Adult – Mrs S Tokens
1st – Shunra Fawntasia (2 present)
Just over ten months old. Nicely balanced body and legs. Medium in size.

Nor’East of Scotland Cat Club – 10th May 2014

BoV Oriental – Shunra Fawntasia

1st, CC & BoB – Shunra Fawntasia (1 present)
An attractive youngster of very good type. Medium length even wedge, good width at the top, well set large ears.  Profile a little angled down from the brow, chin very firm but a little shallow, bite level. Eyes of very good shape and set of a clear pale green. Long firm body, long legs with neat paws, tail needs an extra fraction. Colour a very good rosy fawn, coloured to the roots, just acceptably sound. Short close coat of excellent texture. Excellent temperament and presentation.

Oriental Breeder’s Adult – Mrs D Brown
2nd – Shunra Fawntasia (2 present)

AV Oriental, Siamese or Balinese Adult – Mr R Davies
5th – Shunra Fawntasia (7 present)
Beautiful girl for type! It broke my heart to place her last in this class today. Broad head, a little flat between her large ears that are set in line with her slightly pinched head. Straight profile, chin shows good depth and lines up. Excellent deep green eye colour, with excellent oriental eye shape and set. A medium size girl with a long slender neck, medium length well-muscled body, fine legs and neat spoon shape feet. Her tail was a little thick but showed a slight taper and was of a balancing length. Coat is a rosy mushroom colour but could do with a little more warmth. Some spots evident on her body. Sadly her coat was very unsound which for me let her down and was the reason for her placing. Excellent preparation, coat lay close to the body, was short and fine in texture.

Shorthair Cat Club of Scotland – 19th Apr 2014

1st, CC & BOB – Shunra Fawntasia (1 present)
A very attractive lass, slightly shy, with a pleasing, even triangular head sporting large ears flaring in line, lovely clear green oriental eyes, wicked expression belied by the purr. Profile fairly straight, just a wee angle at the brows, deep muzzle, strong chin, level bite, touch of gingivitis. Firm body, limbs and tail matching. Coat of healthy texture, slightly dark coolish fawn, almost sound.

AV Oriental Breeders Cat – Dr B Bennett
1st – Shunra Fawntasia (2 present)

Adult without a CC – Mr C Dryden
1st – Shunra Fawntasia (1 present)

AV Radius Adult – Mrs A Gregory
1st – Shunra Fawntasia (1 present)

Scottish Cat Club – 15th Feb 2014

1st & BoB Shunra Fawntasia (1 present)
Nice Oriental Fawn kitten!Nice short coat .nice fawn colour .Some ghostmarkings.Exc muscular and elegant body of exc length.Long elegant legs and oval paws .Exc fine tail.Nice head shape .Nice profile .Big well set ears .Oriental eye shape and eye set Nice green eye colour.Exc condition exc presented .Nice kitten !

Unfortunately I haven’t marked my catalogue with the side classes.

West of Scotland – 21st Dec 2013

ORIENTAL FAWN KITTEN – Mrs G Denny (1 present)
1 & BOB Shunra Fawntasia
An attractive kitten of good type even wedge, green oriental eyes, straight in profile, ears large & well placed, bite level, body firm & muscular, coat find & glossy in texture, just a little dark in colour, slim legs & fine tail, handled well.

AC Oriental Kitten 4-under 6 months – Mrs T M Appold (3 present)
1. Shunra Fawntasia

AV Oriental or Siamese Debutant Kitten – Mrs S Bullock (1 present)
1. Shunra Fawntasia

AC Oriental Self Kitten – Dr Bruce Bennett (2 present)
1. Shunra Fawntasia. F. (37r) 5 mths 2 wks.
Pleasing strong, even triangular head to this young lady with lambent green oriental eyes, ears well flared  Good straight profile, chin strong and firm, bite meets, good depth of muzzle. Firm body of some substance, balanced limbs and tail. Coat colour again difficult in the available light, appeared rather dark and slightly cool toned for fawn, almost sound.

TPOSCC – 7th Dec 2013

ORIENTAL FAWN KITTEN – Mrs J Starr (1 present)
1 BOB Shunra Fawntasia 02 06 13
Well balanced little female kitten of very good type .Strong little wedge head with tiny pinch ,straight profile & firm chin. Green eyes just a little round in shape. Well set large open ears. Firm little body, whip tail of length to balance. Close fine textured short coat ,excellent texture for a kitten, sound in colour and of excellent warm rosy mushroom ,very attractive (I love pastels!)

AC Oriental Breeders Kitten – Mrs B Pearce (3 present)
1st Shunra Fawntasia. (37)r F 2.6.13. Gorgeous little baby.  Strong wedge head with large wide based ears set in line. Very good chin and profile. Level bite. Dark green oriental eyes held a touch full when out of her pen. Firm baby body with long legs and tail. Beautiful short and sleek warm fawn coat.

AV Maiden Kitten – Mrs J Jones (6 present)
1st Shunra Fawntasia (37r) F 02.6.13
Very promising kitten, well grown and developed for age, strong wedge head with broad topline and large wide based beautifully set ears. Very expressive oriental eyes of a good green colour. Long firm body, slender limbs with whippy tail. Short fine textured coat of warm soft fawn almost fully sound. Excellent condition, presentation and temperament.


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