Aoife’s kittens have arrived

Aoife's kittens, 2 days old

Aoife’s kittens, 2 days old

Aoife had 6 kittens on Monday morning – the 14th March.  So far as I can tell all are doing well, but she is being so super-protective I can’t take much of a look.  I also have no idea what sexes they are at present!

She looks to have 3 Havanas, 1 Oriental Lilac and 2 Lilac Tabbies.

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Kittens Due 15th March

Aoife visited Josh again in January and although his owner saw & heard nothing she is now heavily pregnant.  She had a large litter last time and I think she will do so this time as well.

My fingers are tightly crossed that all goes well.  Once the kittens are a few days old I’ll post an update.

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Sorry no kittens until summer ’16 at the earliest

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Time for a wee show brag…

Eadlin (GRCH Shunra Fawntasia) has been to a couple of shows recently, the Cumberland on the 10th October and the Yorkshire on the 14th December, and got a Reserve Imperial Grand Certificate at the Cumberland, and the actual IGRCC at the Yorkshire, plus a humongous and beautiful rosette!

GR CH Shunra Fawntasia

GR CH Shunra Fawntasia at the Cumberland Show

Rosettes & Certificate from the Yorkshire Show

Rosettes & Certificate from the Yorkshire Show

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We all have homes now

Most of us have already gone, the last one leaves on Wednesday 30th.  There will be more kittens next year.

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Looking for our forever home…

Havana Girl

Havana Girl

Lilac Boy

Lilac Boy

All our brothers and sisters have their homes, we are still looking.  We are a Havana girl and a Lilac boy and as you can see from our photos we are incredibly cute!

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All bar one of Aoife’s and Eadlin’s kittens were neutered today.  One of the boys wasn’t done as his testicles had hidden when the vet checked him this morning.  I fed them at 3:30am, took them along for 10am and they were back home by 1:30pm.  The boys were fine, the girls had been done second and took longer to settle and stop grumbling.

They have all had their second vaccinations and been chipped, including the un-neutered boy.

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