Jasmine was a cat I fostered for a friend in the late summer, 2011.  She was heavily pregnant when they brought her to me, and had the most beautiful nature.  A week later she had five healthy kittens who did really well.  Once she started to find being in a small bedroom with them was driving her nuts I let her mix with my own cats, and the kittens started mixing as well.  I never took any photos of her, but I did take lots of her kittens.

As these were fosters, I never named them.  Instead they are in birth order – Kitten 1 to Kitten 5.  I love how the photos with the scales show just how they grew!  The first set were taken when they were 2 days old.  I weighed them almost every day from the day after they were born until they were 3 weeks old, and their average weight gain was 15 g – over 1/2 oz.

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