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Tia and Basil have kittens

Tia and Basil are the proud parents of their first litter.  All are boys and there are two fawns, a lilac and a Havana.  One of the fawns is booked.  They should be ready to leave from Thursday 8th March. 

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Aoife’s kittens have arrived

Aoife had 6 kittens on Monday morning – the 14th March.  So far as I can tell all are doing well, but she is being so super-protective I can’t take much of a look.  I also have no idea what

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Free Neutering, Wolverhampton, UK

A great shame they don’t offer from 4 months – it’s far from unknown for kittens to reach sexual maturity by 5 months, but if you live within reach of this and have an unneutered cat please, please PLEASE take

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