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Eadlin is settling in

All the boys have gone to their new homes now, so the doors are all open at home – I really didn’t want to share my bed with 6 kittens!  She is adjusting to not having the boys around and

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How do I get down? Heeeeelp!

Heard a tiny voice from the kitchen and there was Benny wondering how to get down from on top of the back door and the cupboard next to it! I cleared the counter below the cupboard and left him to it.

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Three in a bed…

Spotted Lola, Benny, Max & Minnie all togeather in the cat bed on top of the display cabinet. Ahhh!

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Great friends

Walked into the living room to see the three of them all cuddled up. Lola is having her first call and is flirting like mad with both the boys. Max has really no idea what it’s about, Benny tries to

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Keeping warm

We are busy keeping warm – look what it’s like outside! That funny thing on the post is a ‘weather station’.

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It’s too cold and nasty out to be making trouble, instead we are snuggling up on our bed.  We let slave share it with us last night – aren’t we kind?

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Snug as a bug…

We’ve done with running around and going outside and getting cold and even with eating.  Now it’s time to rest in our lovely warm radiator bed. PS slave thinks your b*m looks big…  Love, Lola xx

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