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A white world, a brave cat!

We have snow here this morning, and Minnie bravely made some paw prints in it! You can see them in the snow on the railing… Advertisements

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Settling in…

At last – the first time I’ve seen them all on the bed togeather!  Max is at the front with his eyes shut, then Minnie looking at me, with Benny (left) and Lola (right) behind her.

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Meet Benny

After a lot of thought and Googling, boy kitten is now known as Benny.  Rather like Benny in Topcat, he is devoted to Lola (Topcat) and will follow her into almost anything.  I’m sure she will get him in trouble one

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Rufus, Errol, Jasmine, Max & Minnie

I’ve completed the pages for these cats. Well not for M&M as they are still with me, but the others… Lots of photos there as well! Rufus, my beautiful ginger rescue cat Errol, a pedigree Havana and the scourge of

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