Aoife’s kittens are doing well

Aoife has continued to be super-protective, but also a super-mum.  Her kittens are gaining weight well, and at 2 1/2 weeks old are busy getting ready to start exploring and making trouble.  When I got a proper look at them I found I have two chocolate tabbys (1 boy 1 girl), 1 lilac tabby (boy) and 3 Havanas (1 boy, 2 girls).  One of the Havana girls is probably staying.

I have managed to get some decent photos of them using a tiny photo set constructed from a cardboard box and a show pad.  Enjoy!

Chocolate tabby - girl

Chocolate tabby – girl

Havana - girl

Havana – girl

Havana - boy

Havana – boy

Havana - girl

Havana – girl

Lilac tabby - boy

Lilac tabby – boy


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