Aoife’s kittens have arrived

Aoife gave birth last Sunday, and she had 7 kittens in less than three hours.  Sadly one was stillborn, but the six live kittens are doing very well.  She has a Havana, a chocolate tabby, a lilac tabby and 3 lilac selfs.  I’ve no idea what sex most of them are except the tabbies look like boys, and it’s possible the Pattern Fairy will visit and turn another Oriental Lilac into a Lilac tabby.  She is very protective and nips me if I pick up the kittens, so I will have to shut the living room door next time she goes out to put identifying collars on the lilacs!

Her kittens will be ready for their new homes in mid-to-late September, and will be registered (GCCF), wormed, vaccinated, chipped & neutered.

_K5P1794 (1024x909) _K5P1795 (1024x972) _K5P1796 (1024x954) _K5P1797 (1024x959) _K5P1798 (1024x896) _K5P1799 (1024x899)


I am a beautiful, haughty, naughty Oriental Black. My posh name is Amun Nefertari meaning beautiful one, and as you can see my name is perfect. My slave uses me as her Wordpress alter ego.

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