What changes!

The kittens have changed so much over the past few days.  They are starting to eat and to use the litter tray, and they can get on the bed in their room quite easily.  Getting down isn’t so easy!  One was crying to get down so Lola grabbed him by the neck, held him over the floor and dropped him!  It was only a few inches for his back feet and he was fine, but I was a bit open-mouthed…  They are also more lively, and their play is rougher.

Here are a few photos taken today:


I am a beautiful, haughty, naughty Oriental Black. My posh name is Amun Nefertari meaning beautiful one, and as you can see my name is perfect. My slave uses me as her Wordpress alter ego.

Posted in A-Litter 2013, Lola (Blue), Oriental Kittens, Rudi (Cinnamon)

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