Kittens on the move – again!

This morning Lola was rather too interested in the laundry basket, so I moved it into a shut room.  I had some PC work to do and when I went back in to check them they were gone from the ‘pouch’!

My neighbour came round to fix my side gate – he has replaced the rotten bit of wood it was hung on – and when he had gone I went and had a little look.  She has put them in the drawer under my bed that I had lined with a big bit of vet bed, so that’s better than where they were.  I’ll take a photo when I see her out somewhere else, so I can pull it out without her knowing. 😀

I checked them early this morning (before she moved them!) and they all look to be doing well – they are all strong and plump.  I’m having to clean a sticky eye or two but that’s nothing unusual at this age, as their eyes are opening.  BTW all their eyes are open now.


I am a beautiful, haughty, naughty Oriental Black. My posh name is Amun Nefertari meaning beautiful one, and as you can see my name is perfect. My slave uses me as her Wordpress alter ego.

Posted in A-Litter 2013, Lola (Blue), Oriental Kittens, Rudi (Cinnamon)

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