Kittens a week old today

It’s a week since Lola had her kittens and they are continuing well, with a couple having their eyes open and a couple more starting to open their eyes.  Weight gain has slowed a little possibly due to the hot weather but taken as a group they have doubled their birth weights.

I’m still unsure of most of the sexes – Lola hates to hear them crying so I’m handling them as little as possible right now.

Since they are a week old, here is another set of ‘on the scales’ photo.  The difference with the previous set is obvious!


I am a beautiful, haughty, naughty Oriental Black. My posh name is Amun Nefertari meaning beautiful one, and as you can see my name is perfect. My slave uses me as her Wordpress alter ego.

Posted in A-Litter 2013, Lola (Blue), Oriental Kittens, Rudi (Cinnamon)

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