Kyomi Shunra Primadonna

Primadonna and her brother

Primadonna and her brother

I’m thrilled that my kittens have passed their vet checks.  The girl is being registered as Kyomi Shunra Primadonna and the boy as Kyomi Shunra Amando.  Primadonna is because she is my first breeding girl (I hope!), and Amando means ‘beloved’ or ‘lovable’ which he certainly will be.  She is the smallest in the litter, he is the biggest so they are little & large as well.

In this photo she is on the left here, with one of her brothers but not the one coming to me – he is a caramel point Siamese

I can’t manage pet names until they are at home with me, but Sue keeps referring to her as Madam – not sure if that’s a comment on her personality!

Sue has sent me photos every so often and I’ll gather them all together on her page, plus of course the ones I will be taking.

It’s nearly 5 years since I last got kittens (Max & Minnie) so I’m very excited about it!


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